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Customized Design

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Happy. Distinctive. Elegant.

From hands-on creative work to practical advice, we want to ensure that all of our clients find exactly what they’re looking for. A firm belief in sustainable and functional design defines the kind of services offered here at Spiced Red.

All designs on the this website are original and can be customized for your special requirements. 

Each original artwork will be custom designed to fit your needs from cards, stationary, scarves, ceramics, rugs, home decor and countless other options. I would love to hear your what you would like.

Customized logos, brochures, posters and presentations, designed to carry your voice and enhance your message. Graphic Design with style!

Custom surface designs may be licensed or purchased for use.

Please contact me

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Spiced Red Logo 2.jpg

Beautifully rendered for you

Spiced Red Logo 2.jpg

Elegantly designed for you

Spiced Red Logo 2.jpg

Carefully Crafted for you

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