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About Me


"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for." Georgia O'Keefe

These words resonate deeply for me. Abstraction is extremely powerful. The elements dance with fluid movement with each other in perfect harmony of color and composition with a message to each viewer all their very own. The relationship between the observer and the abstract is original and unique and full of emotion. I am moved by color and shapes, paintings and design taking on a journey of their own as they claim space on the canvas, fabric or wood.

Inspired by Kandinsky, Rothko, Still, and Dali,  my artistic journey continues. Design guides my paintings and my products. 

I'm a designer, painter, art educator and art therapist, getting spiced in vibrant colors, stunning design and creative endeavours. A life in India, Philippines, Indonesia and the United States has been a splash of color and spicy inspiration. Currently relishing life in Colorado amidst the Rockies, inspiration abounds.

Please do contact me should you have any questions.

More about me


The Story of Spiced Red

After decades of international teaching, I had the opportunity to reckon with my own creative energy. As a designer, the launch of Spiced Red provided me that outlet. My reputation began to build with performance, trust and, most importantly, creativity. I love what I do and am constantly looking for new sources of inspiration to help with your design requests. From logo design, to surface pattern, our creative solutions are the answer to your design needs.

My clients trust me with their projects and know that our "Design Dialogues" will lead them to beautiful and satisfying solutions. In a 21st century marketplace, I realise building beautiful solutions isn’t enough. That’s why I will make sure the projects we design together are affordable and results-driven. Take a look at my site and get in touch with me today.


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